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A3 print of the Manx Premier 1963

Image of A3 print of Manx Premier 1963

A3 poster of Manx Premier 1963
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Manx Premier 1963
Tom Simpson wears the distinctive black and white jersey of Peugeot, Rik Van Looy is on his left looking behind him in blue and white while most of the top European pros huddle around them with the British pioneer pros behind. Simpson soloed to victory at the end of a gruelling wind-swept rain-soaked 100 miles on the hilly Clypse circuit.


One of three A3 art prints by the pioneering photographer Dennis Lowndes exclusive to www.cyclinglegends.co.uk. Dennis was from South Yorkshire and was working with colour film from the early 1950s. He never sent his photos to magazines or newspapers, but took them for love, content to capture the spirit of British cycling, from clubs runs to champions.

Printed on 240gsm satin paper. Delivered in postal tubes.

A3 size: 11.69 inches x 16.53 inches. (297mm x 420mm)


Image of cover Cyclyng Legends illustrated book series. 01 Tom Simpson
Cycling Legends 01 Tom Simpson
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