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UCI 2019 Road World Championships Official Programme

UCI 2019 programme

UCI 2019 Official Programme
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UCI 2019 Road World Championships Official Programme

Yorkshire, Great Britain

This 152-page programme was created by Cycling Legends for Yorkshire 2019.

Illustrated with hundreds of stunning photos, the Official Programme for the UCI 2019 Road World Championships contains previews to all the races, exclusive interviews with some of the best riders at the championships and with past world champions. Looking back there are profiles of all the British elite road world champions, as well as those who won road world titles in the former senior amateur and professional categories. The programme ends with a guide to Yorkshire cycling past and present.

The programme was written and edited by Chris Sidwells, designed by Marc Etches of Blue Strawberry Elephant. Most of the photography was supplied by SWpix.com and it was published by Yorkshire 2019.

Price: £5 plus postage