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The Re-enactmentImage of Holdsworth Campagnolo team 1973

The 1973 Holdsworth-Campagnolo Team Launch Photo

Words: Cycling Legends
Photo: Andy Jones

We’ve got a few re-enactments planned, some quite ambitious, where we ask current riders who are connected in some way with a moment in cycling history, to re-enact it. They will be fun to do and hopefully fun to read.

This one, the first we’ve attempted, is quite straightforward, if not entirely successful because the old photo is outdoors and the new one is indoors, and………well, there’s a few things not quite right, but the lads were game so we did it at the recent Holdsworth Pro Racing team launch. 

Holdsworth Pro Racing is the reincarnation of the old Holdsworth-Campagnolo team, which last raced 40 years ago in 1978. We asked the new team to re-enact a rather strange photo that was taken at the 1973 team launch, where it looks like the rest of the team has captured the two seated riders, Les West (left) and Jock Kerr, and are standing guard over them. At least, we think it looks like that…………

In the 1973 photo are, left to right; Hughie Woods (mechanic), Roy Thame (manager), Keith Lambert, Les West, Jock Kerr, Geoff Wiles, Nigel Dean, Colin Lewis and Daryl Brassington.

Image of Holdsworth pro racing team 2018

In the 2018 photo are, left to right; Dean Downing (manager), Sean McKenna, Leon Mazzone, Tom Mazzone, Conn McDunphy, Jake Womersley and Mattia Viel (both seated), Russ Downing, Seid Lidze, Damien  Shaw and Dermot Trulock.

There will be more re-enactments in due course, and much more about the Holdsworth Pro Racing team on www.cyclinglegends.co.uk.