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The Hour Record Challenge

Silicon Valley biotechnology company HVMN announce a People’s Hour Record on Strava for the US.

Words and photos: Cycling Legends

First an apology, this piece is specifically for our readers living in the United States because only they can take part in the HVMN Strava Hour Record challenge. But here’s a link to our main story on this revolutionary, and we don’t use that word lightly, fuel for endurance sports, HVMN ketone http://www.cyclinglegends.co.uk/index.php/performance. And this piece serves a taster for the next Hour Record attempt in 2018.

HVMN’s ketone drink fuels high intensity endurance efforts while demanding less oxygen than glucose to burn, produces less lactate than glucose and spares glucose reserves stored as glycogen. In short, HVMN’s ketone drink helps riders to go a little harder for a little longer and was used by seven teams in the 2018 Tour de France.

Image of ketone HalfBottle

The ketone drink, called HVMN ketone ester is the result of over 15 years of research and development by DARPA, the research arm of the United States army; the NIH, the US government agency responsible for biomedical and public health research, and Oxford University. HVMN commercialized the technology behind its ketone ester. Current customers, as well as Tour de France cyclists, include the US Department of Defence, NFL teams and world champions in boxing and MMA. 

So far in 2018 there have been several attempts on the gold standard of cycling records, the Hour Record, HVMN is supporting the next one when Vittoria Bussi goes for the women’s record at the Aguascalientes Velodrome in Mexico on Wednesday September 12th.

Image of Vittoria Bussi

Bussi already has the second-best distance for the women’s Hour, which she recorded in 2017. Now she is taking on this purest of records again; one woman, one bike, one gear, one track, one hour.

She has to push as hard as possible but dose her effort over exactly 60 minutes. Run out of force at 59 or spread her strength over 61 minutes and she could ruin her chances.

Vittoria Bussi’s record attempt is perfect for HVMN ketone support because in a peer-approved experiment well-trained cyclists, including some former Olympians, rode on average 400 metres further in 30 minutes using HVMN ketone than those fuelled by carbohydrate and fat-based drinks.


Last time out Bussi was 400 metres short of the existing women’s Hour Record held by Evelyn Stevens of the United States with a distance of 47.980 kilometres. Bussi's hour distance is 47.576 kilometres, could HVMN ketone help her find those extra 400 metres she needs.

Watch a video about Bussi and her preparations for The Hour here.

People’s hour

In partnership with Strava, the social network for athletes and cyclists, HVMN is opening the HVMN Hour Challenge to cyclists across the United States, giving them the opportunity to win unique prizes, like a trip to the Dolomites, where Vittoria trains at altitude.

Image of strava logo

The challenge begins on September 5th, one week before Vittoria’s record attempt on September 12. In that week, cyclists nationwide can join Vittoria’s pursuit and ride for different durations and distances to win various prizes (more details below).

Here’s a link to the challenge on Strava https://hvmn.com/the-hour

The HVMN Hour Challenge Prizes

   • One Hour Session of Cycling: Automatically entered to win one of ten HVMN Ketone 3-packs
   • 47.98km Session of Cycling (the current Hour world record): Automatically entered to win a trip to San Francisco
   • 10 Hours per Week of Cycling: Automatically entered to win a trip to the Dolomites

Important Dates

   • August 23 -- The HVMN Hour Challenge opens for participants to sign up
   • September 5 -- The HVMN Hour Challenge begins
   • September 12 -- The HVMN Hour Challenge closes
   • September 12 -- Vittoria’s attempt to break “The Hour” happens in Aguascalientes, Mexico  
   • September 18 -- Winners of the The HVMN Hour Challenge announced

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Image of Vittoria Bussi


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